The management, in the person of the General Manager, formally announces the Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy at work to be announced, understood, implemented and maintained by the company staff.


is aimed at continuous improvement of the quality of the offered products for professional hygiene, disinfectants, composite thermopanels and special adhesives and cleaners with strict observance of the client’s requirements, normative quality regulations, environment, health and safety at work, and performing actions for protecting the environment, health and safety at work and preventing the pollution
In accordance with the proclaimed QUALITY, ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY, the strategic targets of the management are:
  • Continuous study and satisfaction of customer requirements and expectations in order to offer products and services that meet customer requirements and all other applicable requirements that meet environmental standards and product safety.
  • Implementing active and committed management for ensuring of the unity of targets, leadership and internal environment, with which to achieve the planned quality of the products, offered services and the protection of the environment, as well as ensuring health and safety at work.
  • Attracting and engaging the staff from all levels of the company to fulfill the requirements and expectations of the clients, protection of the environment, health and safety at work, through its continuous information, instruction and training and increase of personal involvement.
  • Taking all preventive measures to avoid specific manufactured products and provided services, occupational risks of injury and illness during the labor process;
  • Identification, evaluation and management of environmental aspects of production and services provided;
  • Conducting reliable monitoring and control of indicators and key characteristics of activities, products and resources that have a significant impact on quality, the environment and safety at work;
  • Minimize the harmful environmental impact of the activities carried out, including the optimization of resource consumption and management of waste generated;
  • Management of activities and resources as processes, ensuring improvement of the financial results of the company.
  • Effective and efficient management of interconnected processes by:
managing of the company risks, taking into account external and internal circumstances that are relevant to our strategic focus and affect of the quality, environment, health and safety at work
rational use of staff capabilities and qualifications,
ensuring continuous improvement of production processes,
ensuring continuous improvement of IMS processes,
providing continuous infrastructure improvements,
providing and maintaining a safe, healthy and fulfilling the legal requirements working environment and environmental protection.
  • Continuously improve the performance of the IMS through the application of action improvement.
  • Making well-informed decisions based on analyzing and evaluating data and information about processes, products, services, process efficiencies, and IMS performance.
  • Building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers of products and subcontractors and communicating with stakeholders on issues related to quality, environment, health and safety at work.
For realization of the Policy and strategic targets for quality, environment, health and safety at work


my personal involvement and responsibility for providing the necessary financial, material human resources and processes to maintain and continually improve the implementation of the Integrated Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management System in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 9001: 2015, EN ISO 14001: 2015, BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 and enhancing performance and quality, environment and health and safety at work.
Date: 01.08.2019, Manager:
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