Company mission and policy

A major focus of our policy is our understanding of social responsibility, whose targets are oriented in several priority areas – health and safety at work, ecology, human capital, communications and partnership.


OUR POLICY is to have a work environment of mutual respect and trust. Our team should be honest, open minded and competent. Our contribution and efforts will result in the overall success of our company, our dear customers and all members of our team . We achieve this results in working in a state-of-the-art environment with highly qualified and educated specialists.

Our trained and motivated employees are our high valuable human assets.

We share our success in a fair way with all contributing to it.

For PaChico Ltd. to protect the environment is one of the most important targets. We have defined internal environmental rules, are acting in line with/ and exceeding  European standards and regulations to ensure a proper environment. All our team members are acting accordingly.

Our management has the permanent target to improve working conditions and increase efficiency in all we do to ensure highest possible quality, productivity and competitiveness.

PaChico Ltd. is working on continuous improvement processes and maintains customer satisfaction in offering high quality range of products.

We will enable our customers to select the right product based on detailed and deep consultancy and advise with highest quality and best price. The market is well aware of us and what we are doing.

We want to constantly meet the requirements and demands from our clients. We discover and analyze market trends , make effective research and develop excellent products for different applications and markets to exceed the expectations from our customers.