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With its high quality products PaChico Ltd. holds a prime position for 8 years on the Bulgarian market for Alu, PVC and Wooden Doors and Windows. The department of Composite Thermo Panels, Adhesives and Special Cleaners-shortly C & A – is still young, but fast developing. It has a leading position on the local market as a result of its flexibility and ability to take quick and comprehensive decisions.

We offer you:



  1. Innovative and easy solutions for sandwich panel in the building & construction market.
  2. Good heat insulation, light materials and easy installation.
  3. 10 years product guarantee as we are using the experience of 193 years WEISS CHEMIE + TECHNIK GmbH in the adhesives production and 28 years experience in the thermo panels production.
  4. Fulfillment of individual client orders.
  5. The different fields of applicability of the thermo panels are:
    • Balustrade elements for curtain walls, Billboards
    • Light separation walls
    • Interior walls and elements for the food industry buildings
    • Security, trade and exhibition booths
    • All possible replacements of glass spaces in the window-door and facade industry
  6. Special cleaners for the white or colored aluminum and PVC profiles.
  7. Professional adhesives for wood, metals and PVC profiles as well specific products for the production and installation of aluminium and PVC joinery.



In year 2000, a joint venture  “Weisschim PaChico” was registered together with the German holding “Weiss Group”. The holding incorporates a multitude of European producers in the sectors of industrial chemistry and the production of thermo composite panels.
For the first time on the Bulgarian market Weisshim PaChico was the company to offer panels with the trademark COSMO-Therm® used in the window-door industry with Alu,PVC and wood.
Together with the panels we also started offering special professional cleaners and adhesives, under the trademark COSMO Chemie, formulated for the production of aluminium, wood and PVC joinery.


2003 is the year characterized by the development of a technological production plan under the structural fund “Services for small and medium enterprises and technological grant scheme”- BG 0102.01.01.008. The program is co-financed by the European Union for the delivery and installation of production equipment for detergents and thermo panels. 
In this year PaChico Ltd. started the production of the thermo panels with the trademark “PACHICO ®-therm” and under the licence from WEISS CHEMIE+TECHNIK GmbH . The production line was delivered from Germany and the personnel being trained for a month by German specialists on the new production peculiarities and optimal utility. 
PVC panels with dimensions 3000x2000mm were introduced for the first time on the European market as a replacement of the German format 3000x1500mm.


Due to the market demand for fast orders delivery and variety, the number of “Renolit” colours offered on storage was increased to 7.


Introduces a Quality Control System complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.
For the first time the golden oak and mahagoni panels were introduced on the market with sizes 2150x1150mm as a second alternative to the size 2150x900mm.
The company also initiated the production of white PVC panels with the size 2000x1200mm.


A new golden oak panel with limited applicability in the outside environment started production with better price and size 2000x900mm.
PaChico Ltd. introduced in the market door panels with decorative effects in three different colors. 
PaChico Ltd. participated for the first time at the exhibition “Bulgarian Building Week” together with our German partners WEISS CHEMIE+TECHNIK GmbH.


A special size 2150x1300mm golden oak panel covered with HPL was developed. 
The variety of offered panels with decorative effects was enlarged with three new models. 
We started using new production line equipment to satisfy the growing demand of the market. 
Two new products were designed, DECIDE-PVC and DECIDE-ALU for the effective cleaning of the colored PVC and aluminium profiles.


QUICK-TAPE is our new and innovative product offered on the market. 
New protective folio was developed for the white PVC panels having in red color PaChico Ltd. logo. 
Panel production was launched in two new colors from the “COVA” palette, which increased the total number of colors available on storage to 10 and the variety of sizes to 15.


Hornshu’s palette has been added to the Renolit colors available, resulting in the availability of more than 40 different colors in stock. The HPL panel size 3050 x 1300 mm has been released.


Started the production of special, tailor made  panels with aluminum and powder coating in RAL colors.


The first groundbreaking for the new production-administrative building of Pachiko Ltd. was made.


Pachico Ltd. operates in accordance with the integrated quality, environmental, health and safety at work (MIS) system introduced in the company in accordance with the requirements of BDS EN ISO 9001: 2015, BDS EN ISO 14001: 2015 and BS OHSAS 18001: 2007


Pachico Ltd. moved into the new and modern production-administrative building, offering a significant increase in the production capacities of the company as well as convenience for the clients and employees of the company.


Pachico Ltd. becomes EOOD (Sole Member LLC) after the company have been aquired by Chimsnab BG 


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